Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reasons to vote for Junior - #7 Because Joe Posnanski SAYS so.

Well, mostly.

Putting it more eloquently, as always, than anyone else in the business, Sports Illustrated's Posnanski details exactly what it is that we all love about Junior. 
In the meantime, I've been glad to see Griffey in uniform even though I know that he isn't the same. I'm glad because he brought me so much joy as a fan. I'm glad because, on the right day and the right pitch, he could recapture that moment.

A must read: A Celebration of Ken Griffey, Jr.

Vote for Junior!


Anonymous said...

cant blieve this website lol

doug tyler said...

i think its so stupid that grifs not going to get it but cal ripken did. ripken was SO much worse and, to be honest, less memorable.

Jesse said...

Please stop trying to make the All Star game more of a travesty than it already is. Ripken was having a decent year the year he played. The all star game is for all-STARS, it should not be a popularity contest. If Griffey were to get voted in, it would be at the expense of another player who ACTUALLY DESERVES IT! And another thing, lets say the Mariners turn this around and make it to the World Series. I dunno about you, but I'd like to have home field advantage, and that is determined by the ASG, which, in turn is determined by the players, and Griffey would NOT help the AL squad

Jesse said...

And for the record, I don't think Ripken should have been an all star that year

Anonymous said...

okay.. so should we just pick the best 32 (or however big the ASG rosters are now) players according to WAR and send them to the game? seems a little silly to me.

fan voting inherently sends players who are "undeserving" to the game. but that's why it's FAN voting. give the fans what they want. if they want to send griffey, more power to them.

(and yeah, I agree that the game shouldn't affect home field in the WS, but the idea that griffey (who will certainly be taken out after one at-bat) will actually affect this game is ridiculous). everyone needs to calm down.
the moral of the story is this:
baseball is about fun. griffey in the ASG would be fun. period.

Jesse said...

Really, would it be fun? Would it be fun seeing Tim Lincecum or Roy Halladay make mincemeat out of him?

And if Griffey has just one AB (most starters get at least 2), what happens when he comes up with men in scoring position and can't get a hit? I'd say that impacts the game. I'd much rather have Vlad Guerrero, currently mashing over .300 with a slew of HRs, get the AB in that situation.

And you're right, fan voting sends undeserving players to the game, totally agree. But two wrongs don't make a right. I don't think fans should get to vote, just look at Josh Hamilton getting voted in last year, sad. It needs fixing.

BronxBomber3 said...

Refer to the following article,, to see a comparison of Ripken's last season and Griffey's current season. Ripken received an honorarily vote-in to the 2001 ASG by the FANS and until the process changes it is all about the fans, so give us what we want...Junior! It is a game about the fans and for greats of the game currently playing. Can't say one of the best all-time players doesn't deserve one last moment in the spotlight, because he does. Thanks for everything Griffey and I will be spreading the word and giving you my support for a spot on the 2010 American League squad.

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