Saturday, May 15, 2010

A little laugh, then back to baseball

We have provided some defense and other supporting expert baseball opinions regarding this week's alleged incident involving Junior in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse, "The Nap" or Sleepgate 2010. Unfortunately, this whole ordeal will only ever be fully understood by a handful of individuals (Griffey, "the two young Mariners" and maybe others in the clubhouse). Lets stop the speculation and get back to the real news and subject matter, BASEBALL. In most likelihood this story was fabricated for news or a ill attempt by a reporter to push Griffey into retirement. Regardless, please understand that Griffey has not and would never disrespect the game intentionally. Here are some other good laughs Griffey has given us over the years and we hope they will help motivate you to vote for Junior!

Best of Griffey Commercials

Hope you enjoyed these comical TV spots for Junior, now lets get back to baseball. Please don't forget what he has done in his career and for the game of baseball (future blog post). We are not asking you to help vote Ken Griffey Jr. into presidency (see commercial above), but into the 2010 MLB All-Star Game as American League DH. Keep up your great support by voting for Junior often and pass it along to others!

Vote for Junior!


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