Saturday, May 22, 2010

Griffey likes Interleague play!

Not every baseball player, fan or manager enjoys Interleague play, National vs. American League. There are many pros (increased attendance, unique match-ups, rekindle rivals, etc.) and cons (match-up advantages, strip uniqueness from WS and ASG, America League pitchers batting, etc.) for having Interleague play. However, there is one individual that is particularly happy Interleague play begins this weekend, his name is Ken Griffey Jr.

Interleague Play Leaders (1997-2008)

Lastly, Griffey has avereged 1 HR in 13.9 AB in the month of May for his career. We haven't seen the long ball yet this season, but we all should have the feeling that it is coming soon.

Let's make Griffey a part of another Interleague game, the 2010 MLB All-Star Game! Keep voting for Junior, spreading the word and enjoying the post.

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