Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reasons to vote for Junior - #6 He is a Griffey

Sometimes sports just come natural to a family and they are just born to play them and played them well. This is especially the case if your last name is Griffey. The Griffey family has given a lot to sports, particularly baseball. It is such a great thing to have seen the Griffey family be able to enjoy the game together, even on the field.

The Griffey family didn't always get to watch or participate with each other in sports. Though each of them did get the chance to become something great in their sport of choice. They each had the talent and drive to excel in their sport and excepted nothing but the best from themselves. Their love and contributions to the game were not only for themselves but for the Griffey family name.

The Griffey family in sports

Ken Griffey Jr.
Member of the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox and Seattle Mariners

Rewrote many of the MLB batting records
13 All-Star Game selections
10 Gold Glove Awards
7 Silver Slugger Awards
1997 American League MVP Award
Member of MLB All-Century Team (Look at the names on this team!)

In 2,661 career MLB games he has a .284 AVG/630 HR/1834 RBI/184 SB

Ken Griffey Sr.
, f
Member of the Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners, Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees
3 All-Star Game selections
2 World Series championships
1980 MLB All-Star Game MVP
In 1,997 career MLB games he had a .296 AVG/152 HR/859 RBI/200 SB

Craig Griffey
, brother
Backup corner-back/running back as a freshman and sophomore for Ohio State football team

Drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 1991 in the 42 round

He hadn't played organized baseball since the 8th grade
Played 7 seasons with Seattle Mariners affiliate minor league clubs
In 618 career minor league games he had a .224 AVG/11 HR/174 RBI/101 SB

Robert "Buddy" Griffey,

Played baseball alongside Stan Musial at Donora High School in Donora, PA
Kentucky State on a football scholarship as a halfback

Trey and Taryn Griffey,
son and daughter

Trey is a football player and Taryn is a basketball star
ESPN's Peter Gammons joking writes that Trey could become the No. 1 pick of the 2012 NFL Draft

The numbers weren't always amazing, for each member of the Griffey family in each of their sports careers, but getting to such respected levels of play were great accomplishments in themselves.
However, legendary numbers and athleticism was shown by Junior in his career in The Bigs.

This has been yet another reason to vote for this elite athlete from a family of great athletes and sportsman. Help put another footnote on this family's historical sports career and vote for Junior for the American League DH in the 2010 MLB All-Star Game!

Vote for Junior


Asti said...

To be fair you have to include the WhiteSox as a team for Jr. That 2008 team did make the playoffs.

Griffey has been my favorite baseball player all my life as I fully understand if it were not for the injuries and the fact that several other of his counter parts used performance enhancing drugs when he did not he would most likely have even greater numbers then they are now. Some could even argue due those reason Griffey has often been underrated since during Bonds cheating period in his old age he received all the praise even often in suspicion and proof off steroid use. While that was going on Griff was forgotten. Not fair at all regardless of everything I reasonably place Jr. as the 3rd best Center Fielder of all time. Willie Mays who in my opinion is the best all around position player ever is 1 and Joe Dimaggio who had his career cut short due to the war but still in only 12 seasons put up legendary numbers, holds an unbreakable record (56 game hit streak), and won 9 World Series titles only to be surpassed by Yogi Berra. People forget Griffey Jr. is one of only 2 players in league history to hit 50+ home runs in the midst of winning a Gold Glove at Center Field, Willie Mays is the other. I think these along with the writers wanting to make a statement about the steroid era is also reason that Griffey should be elected to the Hall of Fame on 100% of the ballot. Making him the first player ever with that honor would clearly express true baseball people opinions on the entire steroid era.

I have been helping your cause on my media outlets and have stated several times if he does not make the All Star team this route he should at least be granted a special exemption to compete one last time in the Home Run Derby. In that type of competition with his own selected pitcher Jr. could perhaps win his 4th derby crown. What a fitting way for the Mays of my generation to go out.

Feel free to contact me for any reason.

Asti said...

Via e-mail: masti1@comcast.net

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