Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reasons to vote for Junior - #3 "The Swing"

For any type sports fan it is common knowledge that hitting a baseball throw by a major league pitcher is the hardest accomplishment in sports. From hackers to bunters to "I’m just going to swing and hope for the best" ballplayers, no one has had a swing like Junior. From his first major league at bat to today many believe that Junior’s swing is among the greatest the game has ever seen, if not the all-time greatest baseball swing.

Juniors swing is silky smooth and looks so effortless. As many of you know, Junior is and was not as muscular or burly as some major league sluggers. Unlike the likes of Jim Thome and Frank Thomas that used body weight and muscle mass to drive the ball over the fence, Griffey’s approach to slugging is with a technical, but elegant, swing. In a ESPN The Magazine article Griffey was asked if he lifted weights, his response was , "I don't do any upper body stuff. I believe hitting home runs is more about technique, about leverage."

Larry Walker, Colorado Rockies all-time great right fielder, once commented on Griffey’s swing saying, "He has the greatest swing from the left side I've ever seen. When I watch Griffey, it's amazing how he can get out on his front foot, look off balance but he's not and his hands are still back, and he keeps them back until he wants to bring them through, and then he hits a ball 450 feet. Every swing looks the same. Really, there are no bad swings."

Here is a list of what others have said about "The Swing":

• "It’s always majestic." Don Wakamatsu, current Mariners manager link

• "I believe Junior's swing is perfect, I really do." Edgar Martinez, former Mariners designated hitter link

• "Griffey always had the most beautiful swing in all of baseball." Torii Hunter, current Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim center fielder link

• It's so good rappers are singing about it.

If you like to cut corners in life then just settle on watching a mediocre reenactment of Junior’s swing by the Batting Stance Guy. If you want to see the real deal then vote for Junior!

No matter if your one believes how great "The Swing" was or is, just think how great it would be getting a glimpse of Junior’s swing at the 2010 MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim, CA on July 13. Let’s all let the youth of today and ourselves enjoy one last center stage showing of the greatest swing there ever was.

Vote for Junior


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