Monday, April 26, 2010

Reasons to vote for Junior - #1 Nostalgia, etc.

So.  This is the beginning of a three-month series that we're going to creatively call, "Reasons to vote for Junior." These are in no particular order but they are all reasons that we're votingand that YOU should vote for Junior.

Here's #1. Let's get this one out of the way.

Nostalgia, etc.
Griffey is now playing his 22nd season in the Majors. All signs are pointing towards this year being his lasthis stats have become Ortiz-esque, Seattle is still a few years away from being a true contender, he's 40 years old (forty!), it's unlikely that Seattle will re-sign him at the end of the year, he is still very injury-prone, he can only play for an AL team, he's unlikely to accept a bench role, etc.

There has been much written about how superstars often "tarnish their legacies" when they decide to leave the game only when they can contribute absolutely no more. We at Vote24Junior tend to disagree strongly with this notionwhether it's Jordan, Gary Payton, Pedro Martinez, or Junior we believe that these guys should play as long as they want and not care about what's happening to their "legacies."

That being said, we do feel that all this time spent on the decline has made the public forget just how good Junior was.

10 Gold gloves (t-3rd among OF)
630 Home runs (5th all time)
Member of the All-Century team (1999)
1833 career RBI (15th all time)
1307 walks (37th all time)
.910 career OPS (55th all time)
13 All-Star Games
7 Silver Sluggers
1997 MVP

Obviously, we could go on. But do casual baseball fans born after, say, 1993 even know who he is? We have serious doubts. If nothing else, getting Junior to the All-Star Game will remind people just how effing great he was.

We know that the value of nostalgia is something that's almost impossible to quantify, so we won't even try. But, man, how great would it be to see Junior on one of baseball's biggest stages one more time?



Anonymous said...

lol @ that picture... soooo much thinner.

Chris said...

amazing to think how much damage he could have done to the record books had he not been hurt so often...

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