Friday, June 11, 2010

Reason to vote for Junior- #13 He is the ultimate team player

Even though many believe baseball is a individual sport, with pitcher vs. batter match-ups, there is a need for "team effort" to succeed in winning ballgames and championships. Few players can honestly consider themselves as a team player and can bind a team together, not only with their spectacle play on the field but also with their presence and voice in the clubhouse. Junior could do this, it went unnoticed by players and others around baseball. Members of the Seattle Mariners and other MLB teams knew Griffey was the best you could ask for in a teammate.

Every moment with him is a treasure. It will keep deep within my heart. I’ve played 19 years in professional baseball and I can say that he was my best teammate and my best friend as well.

- Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners outfielder

Well, obviously he’s the greatest Mariner of all time, and he was a great teammate. Ken was always a team first guy.

- Jay Buhner, former Mariners outfielder

Team USA, 2006 World Baseball Classic
.524 AVG (tournament best, minimum 12 plate appearances)
3 HR (T-3 among leaders)
10 RBI (T-1 among leaders)

MLB teams, 1989-2010 Mariners/Reds/White Sox
In team wins he has a .318 AVG/ 1201 RBI/ 402 HR/
He has a .283 AVG/ 1167 RBI/155 HR with RISP
He has a .290 AVG/ 1499 RBI/ 293 HR with men on base
24th all-time single season leader for WAR (9.70 in 1996)
15th all-time career leader for WAR (78.4)
From 1989-1999 the Mariners had a winning percentage of .494 with Junior

WAR can only be completely be calculated from 1974-present due to the need for play-by-play scoring

Along with his remarkable "team-player" like statistics, Griffey had the personality and approach to the game that allowed him to provide essential intangibles to all his teams. Please feel free to view previous post to see his contributions to his all-star teams. Keep up the voting for Junior to ensure that he gets the chance to help the 2010 American League All-Star Team and its members with all-star play and guidance.

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