Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2010 MLB All-Star Game AL voting update- #2

So, a bit of tough news today.  The second voting update was released and, while Griffey is still in third place for designated hitters, Vladimir Guerrero has increased his lead over Junior (and Hideki Matsui).  So that's the bad news.  The good news is that Griffey is still in third and doesn't appear to be losing his hold of the position anytime soon.  110,000 new votes this week--not too bad!

So, the task at hand is still a simple one.  First, continue voting with as many email addresses as you can manage.  Second, publicize the campaign!  Our votes alone will not get him voted in--we need as many voters as we can get.

The Mariners are still pushing for Griffey to go to the game, so let's keep rocking the vote ourselves.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the voting update, this is my second time to the site but I plan to regularly visit it now. I am behind the cause and have voted for him 50 times. I love the voting standings I can never seem to find them on MLB.com.


Charlie said...

Thanks for the support! A.L. Voting Updates come out every Tuesday, so make sure to check in!

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