Monday, June 7, 2010

Reason to vote for Junior- #12 He is a "true" all-star!

When Junior participates in the "game of stars" he tends to shine bright! He is a star among stars and his numbers show it. In the ASG Junior has come through in the clutch at the plate and has flashed his leather in the outfield. His past performances in the ASG give another reason to vote him as American League DH for the 2010 MLB All-Star Game.

His .440 clip at the plate goes unmatched in the MLB All-Star Game other than Charlie Gehringer's .500, done during the The Live-Ball Era (1920-1941). It is quite remarkable that in a game that highlights the best, Griffey has been able to preform at such a superior level. Junior has been able to distinguish the flame on Dan Haren's heater and cutting the strings on Tom Glavine's infamous breaking ball in the big game. He has been able to hit everywhere in the lineup as he has batted anywhere from 3rd to 5th to 7th to PH in the batting order. His past performances at the plate truly signify his belonging and comfort level in the Midsummer Classic.

MLB All-Star Game Career Stats

All-time high 48,973,314 career ASG fan votes
American League is 10-3 in ASGs featuring Ken Griffey Jr.
As a starter his teams' record is 7-2
When he participated his teams' outscored opponents 59-34
8th all-time for OBP with .464
8th all-time for RBI with 7

One of 26 players to bat 1.000 for a single-game (minimum 3 PA)
5th all-time for a single-game Slugging %
4th all-time for a single-game OBP plus SLG
1992 MVP (3-3/2 R/2 RBI/HR)

Junior is among the leaders in many categories for career and single-game ASG batting leaders

It is apparent that Ken Griffey Jr. can not only handle himself in the MLB All-Star Game, but contribute and do it with the best to ever play in the game. Please continue to vote for Junior and vote the "true" all-star back into the game of all-stars.

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DwightCarterStrawberry said...

Nice post. He does dominate ASGs, his numbers are crazy good. Keep it up I love this site and these pieces.

Go Mets!

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